5 Top gaming apps for 2014

The Walking Dead Season Two
The Walking Dead Season Two

We take a quick look at some of the top gaming apps for 2014. All the gaming apps listed on our site are free, but some may require in-app purchases

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most popular gaming apps of 2014. All the gaming apps listed below are free, but some require in-app purchases to progress through the game. Some of the games have won awards, others are sequels to award-winning games, and the rest have simply taken the mobile gaming world by storm.

The Walking Dead: Season Two

The Walking Dead: Season One was voted 2012’s Game of the Year and if you played this gripping game you will have high expectations for The Walking Dead: Season Two. Luckily, the sequel doesn’t disappoint. Follow Clementine’s new and dark adventures in a world ravaged by the undead.

The Walking Dead Season Two
The Walking Dead: Season Two

Once again, you will discover that the fight for survival brings out a cruel and ruthless side to those who are still living and Clementine’s own journey will entail many moral dilemmas as she struggles to stay alive. Your story will be influenced by decisions you made in Season One and the outcome of Season Two is ultimately dependent on your choices.

Family Guy – The Quest for Stuff

If you love the show, you’re sure to enjoy Family Guy – The Quest for Stuff, a TinyCo game that was created in collaboration with the writers of the series. A disastrous chicken fight causes Peter Griffin to inadvertently demolish Quahog and now it’s your responsibility to help the Griffin family save their town. Unlock ridiculous outfits for your favourite characters to wear (Peter in a mermaid outfit is one of the most popular); send characters on absurdly hilarious missions; and, give Quahog a Peter-inspired makeover using The Petercopter and the Peterdactyl. The game includes new and previously seen animations and hilarious jokes.

Clumsy Ninja

If you’re looking for a light-hearted game that features an unforgettable, if somewhat hapless, hero look no further than Clumsy Ninja. NaturalMotion Games employs Euphoria simulation technology in Clumsy Ninja, which allows our hero to respond intuitively to situations and to react differently every time you play. This exciting technology makes Clumsy Ninja one of the most interactive games available on mobile devices. Your quest is to aid the Clumsy Ninja in his search for his missing friend Kira. You will need to train him, earn accolades from his Sensei, unlock items and complete missions.

Quiz Up

Quiz Up presents a great way to improve your knowledge of topics that interest you. This multiplayer trivia game boasts more than 400 000 questions (and more are continually added). The wide range of topics ensures that everyone will find an area of interest – whether you are passionate about literature, science, sports, music, films, architecture or business. Quiz Up let’s you customise your profile, chat to other players and scale the leaderboards in your favourite topics. Voted the best trivia gaming app in 14 countries, you can bet Quiz Up won’t leave you disappointed.

Grand Fortune Mobile Casino

Many online casinos have recently branched out into the world of mobile gaming, which means that you can now play a number of casino games for real money on your smartphone or tablet device. While some are still wary of performing monetary transactions with a casino on a mobile phone, this process is no more risky than any other in-app purchases you make when you play other mobile games. In fact, mobile casinos make use of the latest technology to ensure their players’ protection during all transactions – it just makes business sense. As mobile gaming platforms have only recently been introduced, there are a number of excellent welcome bonuses that these casinos have put together to entice new players to try their mobile sites. Grand Fortune, a top USA online casino offers one of the best sign up bonuses, where you receive $8000 free credits to use at the casino on any games of your choice.


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