The benefits that yerba mate can bring to your health


Do you know the advantages that yerba mate can bring to your body? This herb with antioxidant properties can stimulate the immune system, prevent aging of the body and reduce respiratory stress.

Drinking an infusion of this plant has been part of Latin American cuisine for a long time. It was a staple food of the Indians, who used it as a drink, either by sipping it or chewing on it during their long adventures. The plant has grown naturally in South America and has now spread to much of the world.

Health benefits of yerba mate.

Yerba mate contains caffeine, as well as antioxidants, amino acids, potassium and has B vitamins, which help the body to release and take advantage of the energy contained in food. Collaborating with muscle function and strengthening skin and hair.

Another of the great benefits of the herb mate is due to its sources of minerals, as we have said, potassium is essential for a proper functioning of the heart. On the other hand, magnesium provides proteins to form a healthy and strong individual. Accelerating the metabolism and making the body consume carbohydrates quickly. The increase in resistance is due both to the burning of calories that have been previously consumed with food and to those that are still stored in the body in the form of fat.

Although, the antioxidant, is its strongest characteristic, stopping cellular aging and helping to prevent oxidation, ie, increases the body’s natural defenses, which prevent the deterioration of the body. In addition, they prevent the growth of cancer cells, preventing certain types of cancer and cardiovascular disease, preventing cholesterol and fat from building up in the arteries. It is a very important aspect of the consumption of this traditional drink.

What would be the most popular weed?

The best yerba to consume and obtain the benefits is, precisely, with the Taragüi, it is the leader yerba and has a personality that makes it unique in its kind. For a long time it has been cultivated, harvested and elaborated by authentic specialists such as and its different services allow you to always enjoy all the characteristics that distinguish Taragüi. It stimulates intellectual and physical effort. This stimulation translates into excitement, dominating and regulating muscular effort, making it ideal for people who practice sports or physical or mental activities.

How is it prepared?

Starting a mate well is key to obtaining an ideal and long-lasting taste; otherwise, an excellent yerba can be ruined and become bitter, aggressive and not very productive.

The mate is prepared by pouring the dry leaves and the sprigs of the yerba ground in hot water (not boiling). The quality of water used is strongly linked to the aroma and taste of the infusion. With a good preparation, you can distinguish the bitter features as they are attenuated, appearing slightly fruity and sweet notes. Obviously this can vary depending on the different types of yerba mate, depending on the climate, the geographical location, the harvest season, the type of production…

As we can see, yerba mate brings many benefits. It wouldn’t hurt us to practice this traditional South American custom and and consume mate regularly.


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