Benefit sponger caught out – cutting down tree with chainsaw


A benefits sponger who has claimed more than £220,000 in disability handouts over 11 YEARS was finally caught – cutting down a tree with a CHAINSAW.

Shameless Lee Nutt, 41, has coined in a staggering £225,799.20 since he left his job as a bath paint-sprayer in 1999.

The lay-about father-of-three is on one of the highest combinations of benefits available – claiming SIX different state allowances.

He claims he needs two crutches to walk and suffers from regular black-outs after a motorbike accident 20 years ago.

As a result, Nutt claims TWO different Disability Allowances as well as Incapacity Benefit, Income Support and Housing Benefit.

On top of that wife Michelle, 34, also claims £220-a-month in Carers Allowance.

The SIX different benefits allows Nutt and wife Michelle, 34, to live the life of Riley at the taxpayers’ expense.

Inside their modern three-bedroom terraced house in Kingsbury, Warks., they have a huge 40in flat-screen TV in the front room equipped with surround sound.

The couple have also forked out on state-of-the-art laptops for each of their three children and mobile phones.

They also have a 20in flat-screen TV in the kitchen alongside a luxury six-burning stove and top-of-the-range washing machine and tumble-drier.

The couple spent several hundred pounds on their two pedrigree dogs – a black Labrador and a rare White German Shepherd.

Despite his disabilities Lee has been spotted by neighbours driving the couple’s £20,000 Ford Galaxy.

Astonishingly, even though they coin in more than £20,500 a year in free handouts they still want MORE cash claiming they are broke.

Yesterday Nutt bleated: ”We just have enough to cover the bills.

”We are seriously considering having to declare ourselves bankrupt to escape our creditors.

”Everyone’s against us round here. We’re the victims here.”

Nutt, who irritates his neighbours every year with his garish and expensive Christmas light displays, was caught hacking a tree down in his back garden – using a high-powered chainsaw.

In the video Nutt is clearly seen ditching his crutches while he cuts down a tree in his back garden.

Arrogant Nutt yesterday tried to shrug off the video evidence, claiming it was his 16-stone WIFE who was cutting down the tree and NOT him.

He said: ”I did help cut some of the branches down but I was sitting down on the grass and I was in real pain.

”Michelle climbed up the tree and cut the bigger branches down while I just did what I could.

”She did the bulk of the work. I can’t do anything without my crutches.”

Tubby Michelle, who admits sleeping most of the day, added: ”I climbed the tree and did virtually all of it.

”I have to do everything for Lee.

”I daredn’t leave him for 30 seconds in case I find him unconscious after another black-out.”

Last year Social Services visited the couple after a horrified neighbour found their three-year-old son William wandering near a main road in his pyjamas after he let himself out on his own.

Shockingly, Michelle joked about the terrifying incident.

She sniggered: ”William wanted to go and see his nana and just let himself out.

”We didn’t have a clue where he was – we thought it was very quiet!”

The Sun has now passed on our evidence to the Department of Work and Pensions who have promised to investigate Nutt.

A spokeswoman said: ”If people suspect someone of benefit fraud they can call the National Benefit Fraud Hotline on 08000 854 440.”


1.Disability Allowance (High Mobility Allowance) £71.40

2.Disability Allowance (Personal Care) £49.85

3.Income Support £80

4.Housing Benefit £80

5.Incapacity Benefit £91.40

6.Carers Allowance £55

TOTAL: £427.65

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