Before selling, get your car condition checked from a certified professional


Selling your car may seem like a tough, complicated task at hand from listing the car, to getting it inspected and rifling through your filing cabinet to retrieve and arrange the necessary paperwork. But if you plan ahead, do adequate research and follow a process it shouldn’t take you too much time or effort. The first, important step you have to take before listing your car is to get your car inspected by a certified professional.  One of the biggest fears a used car buyer has is the mechanical condition of the car. Buyers prefer to buy “gently used” cars which keeps maintenance easy and running costs marginally low. A car that has mechanical flaws is ready for rejection or a lowball offer. Even minor problems can give the buyer a case of cold feet, so, don’t skimp on those small fixes.

Before you list your car, take it to an authorized dealership like Carswitch that performs the necessary pre-sale checks by a certified professional or reach out to an independent mechanic yourself for a professional inspection. This way you will be aware of any problems that you may need to fix including damage to the body, minor dents and scratches, broken lights etc.

You can ask your mechanic to replace any bulbs that have gone out from the headlight or tail light. Check the car for foggy lights.

Get him to inspect the wind shield and the wiper blades. A mechanic can verify the condition of the car, including things like the wear and tear on the tyres and the condition of the brake pads.

Check if your tyres are bald and if the wheels need rotation. The alignment has to be checked. 

The mechanic will take a look at the essential fluids in the car and replace any of them if necessary. They will be able to tell if there are any mechanical and electrical issues that need to be addressed before putting the car up for sale. 

For instance the mechanic will check that the electrical equipment responds to the commands. The indicators, rear-view mirrors, the navigation systems, windows etc. should work properly. And most importantly, when you are selling your car in the UAE , the air conditioning should work perfectly. The coolant should be replaced if necessary.

When you are selling your car in Dubai, the extreme heat may cause issues with the battery. A professional inspection will ensure that there are no battery leakages or any other battery related problems.

The buyer is most likely to take your car for a test drive, so having your mechanic inspect the gearbox and clutch is a must. The mechanic will test the smoothness of the gear change and test if the car accelerates smoothly between gear changes.

If your car has had any major repairs done, it is always best to get it checked out again before putting it on the market.

For most buyers taking the car to the mechanic to get is inspected is a hassle and also an additional expense. When you get that step out of the way, it makes the buying process that much more streamlined and makes the car a more appealing buy. When the seller can give the buyer an inspection report for a certified professional the buyer will naturally have more trust toward buying the vehicle. This could translate into a better price for the seller and a quicker sales cycle.

Getting your inspected is not a mandatory step but it puts a lot of angst for the seller and buyer out of the way. Once your car has been inspected and has been given a clean bill of health you can narrow down on an approximate price the car may fetch. You stand in a position to negotiate for a better price when you have a clear inspection report. It also puts the sellers mind at the ease as you will not be unsure about the condition of the engine and other parts when it is taken for a test drive.

If you don’t have time to get the car inspected yourself, there are many dealerships that offer this service. You can reach out to them and have your car inspected.