Before Birth UK Baby Scan Clinic Launches


birthBefore Birth Baby Scan Clinic, a newly formed company offering a range of 2D, 3D and 4D baby scanning packages, recently launched its website and is opening studios at four UK locations in the next few weeks.

Offering a team of fully qualified sonographers and technicians, and integrating the latest in ultrasound technology, Before Birth offers numerous pre-bookable packages and a safe and comfortable environment for excited parents looking to get their first glimpse of their unborn baby.

Prices start at £50 for a standard early dating scan, and continue up to £400 for the luxurious Platinum Package. With Before Birth’s software able to create a clear and accurate 3D image of the child’s facial features, hands and feet, parents-to-be can go a step further and opt for a 4D high definition scan that captures movements and expressions in the womb. All of this offers the soon-to-be parents the closest possible experience to seeing their child in front of them and the company is one of the first in the country to offer 3D merchandise such as casts from the 4D scan that can be scaled down and incorporated into jewellery, a keyring, or a framed 3D picture.

Launching less than two months ago, Before Birth is already set to establish four studios, with London, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham the chosen locations. The company has exciting plans to expand further in the near future.

Mark Evans, Head of Public Relations for the company, said:

“We understand what a special and memorable time this is for parents as they count down the days before they meet their baby, and we wanted to offer a friendly, comfortable place for them to spend time with our team of specialists in four of the UK’s largest cities.

“Our 3D and 4D options literally add another dimension to a scan, and really have to be seen to be appreciated at their fullest.”

For more information about Before Birth, visit the website


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