Beauty Salon listing site allows customers to review their hair cuts


A new directory of hair and beauty salons is giving business owners the chance to market themselevs online – and customers to review their hair cuts.

Online directory platform BeautySalons.Reviews caters to professionals who specialize in hair and beauty exclusively through services such as hair salon reviews.

It allows customers to find the nearest salons to them and see recent reviews on the site.

Co-founder Richard Martin said: ‘The amount of advertising done on beauty services or products may have increased over the past few years. However that has not resulted in sufficient ROI for the businesses that specialize in them. The consumer of today would rather search the web for such services or products than visit. This makes the directory a natural choice of marketing for these businesses looking to spread the word about their brands.

‘Such businesses often miss out on online marketing opportunities due to a dearth of effective tools that are specially designed to market such services or products.’

The service works by syndicating the details of each listing on popular search engine such as Yahoo and Google. This allows the service to connect businesses such as salons with clients more effectively. According to a source, the service this makes for powerful websites for businesses such as hair salons.

Richard added: ‘Our aim is to implement a simple yet effective model for marketing Hair and Beauty Salons on the Internet.’

Clients can write their own articles about their products or services through the directory. They can also upload content such as photos, videos, product details and services to market their hair or beauty brands to clients online. Other services include lead generation packages that allow them to receive free leads. Premium listings make it possible for clients to add products and articles with deep links from relevant websites or articles to enhance their online promotional campaigns.

Richard added: ‘Search engine websites such as Google give more authority to backlinks. Listings that are exclusively designed to market salons or related brands popularize themselves faster. Beauty Salons Reviews was created by testing other websites that related to hair and beauty. A salon or product line that is danger of becoming obsolete can definitely benefit from online marketing tools that are specifically designed to promote to a highly targeted clientele. Just think! Even a small hair or beauty salon’s service pages can become its most valuable marketing tool.’


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