Bear Necessity – Heartbroken Mother’s Desperate Appeal To Find Lost Teddy Which Plays Recording Of Late Baby Son

Noah Lister, 19 months old, died in his sleep.
Noah Lister, 19 months old, died in his sleep.
Noah Lister, 19 months old, died in his sleep.

A heartbroken mum has issued a desperate plea to find a teddy bear which plays out the voice of her baby son who died at just 19 months old.

Jodi Lynn, 18, was devastated when her only son Noah Lister died in his sleep at their home in February this year.

To help his three-year-old sister Alexiah cope with her loss, a friend bought her a tailor-made teddy which plays Noah’s voice when you squeeze its hand.

But the family believe they lost the keepsake while traveling on a bus from Anlaby Road to Boothferry in Hull, East Yorks.


SWNS_LISTER_TEDDY_03Jodi said: “It’s so upsetting and Alexiah is really upset.

“It was really comforting for her to have that bear because every time she got upset she would cuddle it so she could hear Noah’s voice.

“It helped her a lot after Noah’s death. It’s really helped her to cope and if she hadn’t had it she would have been a lot more upset.

“I know that bear is out there somewhere and it would be great to find it. It would make my daughter so happy and she wouldn’t be sad anymore.”

Alexiah with the teddy that has Noah Lister's voice.
Alexiah with the teddy that has Noah Lister’s voice.
Alexiah (L) with baby Noah (R).
Alexiah (L) with baby Noah (R).

Noah’s death came as a huge shock to Alexiah, who struggled to understand why her brother was no longer with her.

Noah’s grandmother Louisa Millington said: “Every time she is upset she will go and cuddle it and she will go ‘that’s my brother, Noah.’

“We are very desperate to find it for the sake of my granddaughter and for the sake of the fact it is so personal.

“It’s got my grandson’s voice in it so it’s absolutely no use to anyone.”

The lost bear, which was bought from the Build A Bear Workshop, is brown and wearing a white T-shirt with the words “I love you” emblazoned across it.


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