Bargain Buster Deals Offers Savvy UK Consumers a Single Hub for Best Deals in Everyday Categories


BargainBargain Buster Deals, also known as BB Deals, is pleased to announce its website launch.

The platform offers a single-stop hub where savvy UK shoppers can find the latest deals in a variety of popular categories, including automotive, baby and toddler, children, electronics, and more. Having started as a social media page, Bargain Buster Deals has just launched a new website.

The all-new online resource is a platform where shoppers can log on and look for daily deals, including Amazon Lightning Deals and other flash sales.

The BB Deals team works to find the best deals on the web, which doesn’t just mean the cheapest products.

The Bargain Buster Deals team scouts for the cheapest, best deals from top retailers, delivering high quality products at the best prices.

When shoppers visit the BB Deals website, they can peruse a wide range of quality family and everyday living products at lower than average prices.

According to the BB Deals team, these deals don’t always last long. “Prices online change all the time. We might post a bargain, only to see it increase in price shortly thereafter,” said the BB Deals team.

The company advises shoppers to act fast on particularly good bargains, especially Amazon Lightning Deals.

Those deals must be purchased within 15 minutes of being placed in a shopper’s basket.

While BB Deals is always looking for new deals, they also allow people to upload deals to the website for sharing.

The BB Deals website also offers another feature that savvy shoppers enjoy: an extensive list of freebies.

While many freebies lists often include low-quality items or coupons, BB Deals seeks premium freebies.

For instance, items on the freebies list at BB Deals currently include free Stella Artois chalice glasses, free Kelo Cote scar treatment gel, a free box of Dorset cereal, and more. People can also upload freebies to share.

The BB Deals team said that they’ve seen a surge of visitors since their website went live on March 3, 2016. Since the launch, BB Deals is seeing anywhere from 15,000 – 18,000 visitors per day.

At the BB Deals Facebook page, the deal-finding platform has nearly 26,000 fans. The platform’s money-saving posts are seen by 200,000+ people per week.

BB Deals founder Craig Larkin said, “I was working full-time in retail management, and my wife stayed at home with our baby.

One day my wife came to me and wanted to become a teacher, so i quit my job to allow my wife to become a full-time student, and I became a stay-at-home dad…I was always looking for ways to save money as our budget was very tight.

I became quite good at finding deals and vouchers and thought I would share them on Facebook “It’s really grown from there.”

Now, Larkin and BB Deals post 30+ deals and freebies per day.


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