Balmy weather has made Britain’s plants go mad, according to a Surrey woman, who has grown a daffodil – with TEN HEADS


Britain’s balmy weather has sent this flower blooming mad – a daffodil with TEN heads from a single stem.

Tazmin Beckett with her daffodil which sprouted 10 heads (SWNS)
Tazmin Beckett with her daffodil which sprouted 10 heads (SWNS)

A genetic mutation means the yellow plant looks like an entire bunch of flowers – and has been dubbed the most marvellous daffodil ever.

Tazmin Beckett, 13, was given some bulbs to plant at the stables where she cares for a horse, last November, but never really expected much to grow.

But when the young teen returned to the farm in Redhill, Surrey, on Saturday morning, she was over the moon to discover her gardening miracle.

Tazmin said: “When I saw it I was so excited – I said to my mum ‘look mummy, it’s got ten heads.’ I didn’t think they could grow more than one – it’s wonderful.”

Now Tazmin’s mum Fae has dug up the fancy flower and is keeping it in a safe and secret location – in case it’s targeted by thieves.
The 54-year-old school cleaner, from Tadworth, Surrey, said: “It had been growing like all the other daffodils with one head but at the weekend Tazmin said it had sprouted loads.

“It is fantastic. It’s now in a secret location as someone was bound to nick it because it was all out in the open.

“I’m not sure how much it’s worth, but we’ll definitely be keeping the bulb.”


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