Bakery smashes world record for biggest cream tea


A bakery was celebrating a sweet success today after breaking the record for the world’s biggest ever CREAM TEA.

The whopping treat was made up of a scone measuring 6ft across and a jaw-dropping 18 inches thick.

It was baked using 30lb (14kg) of flour, five pounds of sugar and 20 pints of pure butter milk.

The scone – three times the size of the previous record holder – was then topped off with 40lbs (18kg) of clotted cream and 30 pounds (14kg) of jam.

It was baked in an industrial oven at temperatures of over 230C in a mould specially constructed by welders.

The monster cream tea was created by Hallett’s the Bakers of Paignton, Devon.

A spokesman said: ”The secret is all in the mix. It was a 24-hour team effort. The biggest challenge is cooling the scone down.

”A normal scone can take 20 minutes to cool down so imagine how long it took this.

“What we didn’t want is for the scone to be too hot and the cream to be too runny.”

The bakers eclipsed their own world record for a cream tea which featured a scone 2ft across (60cm).

Their record attempt was watched by former England rugby star and World Cup winner Matt Dawson.


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