Badly burned child makes remarkable recovery


A five-year-old boy who was horrifically burned when a cooker set fire to his pyjamas has made a remarkable recovery after 16 months of treatment.

Logan Adams, then aged three, accidentally turned on the gas cooker when he clambered up to reach biscuits from a cupboard in May last year.

Flames engulf his pyjamas and he suffered life-threatening 33 per cent burns across his entire body.

The toddler was airlifted to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol where he endured nine hours of emergency surgery and skin grafts.

But incredibly, Logan has made a full recovery and re-joined his friends for his second year at primary school in Swindon, Wilts.

Proud mum Denise Rendell, 29, said: ”We were totally devastated when we was what had happened. What we experienced was sheer panic.

”We tried to cool him with cold flannels while and ambulance arrived but he was in agony.

”Seeing Logan lying in the hospital bed covered in bandages was just heartbreaking. It was every mother’s worst nightmare.

”It’s been an incredibly difficult year but now we’ve made it through the hardest part of it. Logan’s having the time of his life at school and we’re so proud of him.”

A team of surgeons, nurses, occupational therapists and play assistants helped the youngster recover.

Within a few weeks of leaving hospital and three months after suffering the agonising burns Logan started school at Haydon Leigh Primary School.

Logan said: ”I’ve made lots of new friends at school and I’m really happy.

”I have a woman that comes in at lunch to help do stretches with me. I have some marks and scars on my skin but they don’t bother me and I just get on with playing.”

Dad Daniel Adams, 36, a systems administrator, said: ”When Logan was in hospital it was very difficult for us.

”He was in pain almost all the time. The worst bit was when he needed to have his bandages changed. He cried and screamed constantly.

”As a parent it was really hard to see your child going through that. We tried to explain that it was to help him but it’s not easy four a four-year-old to understand that.

”Logan was slightly aware of what had happened but not entirely. He had to have constant painkillers.

”He still needs regular care from a physiotherapy but other than that he’s a happy five-year-old who’s enjoying life.”


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