Sarai Blyghton with the world’s most expensive bacon butty at Tangberry’s café, Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham. See SWNS story SWBACON; If you want to sink your teeth into gold buns and saffron, a Cheltenham restaurant has a record breaking £150 bacon butty on the menu. The bacon butty, called Bacon Bling because of its shiny exterior, is made of truffle cream instead of butter, sandwiched between buns from Stroud bakers Hall’s. It is topped with saffron, and filled with black truffle shavings. To complete the dish, the buns are garnished with real edible gold dust, and gold leaves. Profits from the tasty treat are going to SKRUM, a British charity which helps children in Swaziland learn to play rugby, and the Regular Forces Employment Association.

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