You’ll be broke-fast! Bacon roll containing edible GOLD goes on sale for… £150


A bacon roll which comes loaded with edible gold went on sale today for a staggering £150.

Restaurateur Paul Philips, 41, has launched what he believes is the world’s most expensive bacon butty to raise money for charity

The dish, named ‘Bacon Bling’ is made of truffle cream instead of butter and is filled with six sheets of rare-breed bacon topped with saffron.

Waitress Sarai Blyghton holds the world's most expensive bacon which comes with edible gold for £150
Waitress Sarai Blyghton holds the world’s most expensive bacon which comes with edible gold for £150

Inside, it is filled with black truffle shavings while the buns are garnished with edible gold leaves and gold dust.

Paul, who who grew up in South Africa, will be serving the sandwich at his restaurant Tangberry’s in Cheltenham, Gloucs.

He is hoping to enter the dish into the Guinness World Records list as the most expensive commercially available bacon butty.

The businessman, who describes the meal as “a bit special” will donate the entire cost of making each dish to SKRUM, a British charity which helps children in Swaziland learn to play rugby, and the Regular Forces Employment Association.

He said: “I’ve always loved the game of rugby, and supported the sport.

“The charity helps the children of Africa learn social values through the game.

“My great uncle also served in the Second World War, so I wanted to do something for servicemen and women who give so much to the life of their country.”


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