Sheryl Russell, 19 and Darryl Jones, 23 both from Catford, London. See Masons copy MNFEVER: A mum claims her baby daughter was turned away from hospital three times in a week – as doctors failed to spot signs she was suffering from potentially fatal Scarlet Fever.Sheryl Russell, 19, repeatedly begged doctors to help 19-month-old Amelia Russell Jones Duval – and says on one occasion the tot was made to sleep on the floor for seven hours before being seen. Over four days, the youngster grew increasingly lethargic as itchy blotches broke out all over her body, before tests were finally carried out to diagnose her symptoms. She was found to be suffering from Scarlet Fever, a highly contagious illness that causes a distinctive pink-red rash and mycoplasma pneumonia, a lung infection.

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