(Collect photos from the family) Baby Mia covered in blue spots. A little girl nicknamed the “blueberry muffin baby” because her body was covered in BLUE LESIONS at birth has made a miracle recovery – after doctors said would die. See swns story SWBLUE. Six-month-old Mia McConnelogue developed an aggressive, rare type of leukaemia in the womb which caused blue marks to develop on her arms, legs, chest and face. She started her first round of chemo when she was just TWO DAYS old – but doctors said her cancer was impossible to treat, and said she was going to die. But when Mia’s mum and dad Googled the condition, they saw that other babies had been successfully cured overseas and fought the doctors until they agreed to treat her. Now, after dozens of blood transfusions, three rounds of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, Mia has been given the all clear and is back at home and thriving. Mum Stephanie McConnelogue, 29, who has spent two months in Bristol for Mia’s treatment with her partner, Tony Love, said – “I just want to tell parents not to take a doctor’s word for it. Always get a second opinion and do your research because if I had have listened she would be dead and buried now.”

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