Sarah Gray with her daughter Rosie who was born with Prader-Willi syndrome, meaning she will always feel hungry. Also pictured are Sarah’s other children, Berry, 23 months, Jasmine, 3 and Holly, 4. See SWNS story SWHUNGRY; A baby girl was born with a rare genetic condition meaning she may grow up to be permanently hungry – and her mother is raising money to fund much-needed research. Rosie Gray arrived seven weeks early in December last year, and after a series of tests her parents were told she has Prader-Willi syndrome, meaning her body is missing a vital chromosome. The incurable condition, which affects one in every 15,000 children born in England, means sufferers may go on to develop a constant desire for food, which could lead to dangerous weight gain or obesity. Rosie was born on December 21 by emergency caesarean section at Derriford Hospital, and mother Sarah Gray, aged 35, says she was very small and initially unresponsive.

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