A super fit athlete has been left bed bound with brain damage after medics failed to realise she had a curable disease for more than SIX YEARS. See MASONS story MNLYME. Jessica Bennett, 31, knew something was wrong when she went from being an energetic fitness model and businesswoman to a tired, bed bound woman in excruciating pain. And now she suffers from over 60 symptoms including seizures, speech problems, hair loss, chronic insomnia and severe bloating. More than 30 doctors failed to find the cause with several making false diagnosis including DEPRESSION and irritable bowel syndrome. Eventually she was diagnosed with Lyme disease which she contracted back in 2009 in Germany after being bitten by a tick. But that was after Jessica had spent over £30,000 trying to treat some of the things she was diagnosed with by selling her sports car and using her life savings.

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