Ashley Cole left ‘heartbroken’ over snaps of Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough on holiday


Photographs showing Cheryl Cole enjoying New Year’s Eve with rumoured new love Derek Hough have reportedly left her ex-hubby Ashley Cole ‘close to tears’.

Ashley Cole left 'heartbroken' over snaps of Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough on holiday

Cheryl, 27, spent the beginning of 2011 on a week-long break in South Africa with dancer Derek, 25, and saw in the New Year at a lavish party thrown by a property tycoon.

Although the pair have refused to confirm or deny rumours that they are more than just friends, the holiday snaps certainly make things appear that way. They reportedly enjoyed their first public kiss at the party and Derek is thought to have splashed out on a £10,000 diamond bracelet for Cheryl.

But her ex-husband Ashley Cole, 30, who Cheryl divorced over cheating allegations, is said to be heartbroken after seeing the pictures.

A source told The Sun: “Ashley has realised things have moved on – and he is heartbroken. He knows he is the one who screwed up.

“He was close to tears. It looks more and more like Cheryl and Derek are officially an item.”

To make matters worse for Ashley his new love interest, Playboy model Kayla Collins, 23, has warned him she’ll move back to her LA home if he doesn’t get over Cheryl.

A source told The Daily Star: “Kayla is getting fed up with him pining for Cheryl.”


  1. Is this fake ‘singer’ still clinging to anyone who can turn her into a star? trying desperately to get with Rihanna now and still hanging on to Simon Cowell’s shirt tails and she knows she is nothing without him. Sad woman. Everyone says Nicole is fake but not faker tha Cheryl Cole. At least Nicole is not racist.


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