ASBO for woman who tormented neighbours with Cheryl Cole songs


A ‘neighbour from hell’ has been slapped with an ASBO banning her from playing loud music after she tormented her neighbours with X Factor judge Cheryl Cole songs.

Damien Ramsey has

Stephanie Clark, 33, played the the star’s songs so loud her neighbour was forced to sleep in his car.

She ignored a Noise Abatement Notice and continued to play songs including ‘Fight For This Love’ after her stereo was confiscated.

Noise abatement officers said it was one of the loudest cases they had come across.

Clark, of Dogsthorpe, Peterborough, has now been handed an interim CRASBO – a criminal ASBO banning her from playing loud music.

Christine Graham, manager of the Safer Peterborough Partnership, said: ”After visiting the property, council officers determined that it was loud enough to disturb Mr Reed.

”The officer could hear the words of ‘Fight For This Love’ coming through the walls and drowning out the television.

”The message we want to get out is that if people tell us what is happening and give evidence then we can do something to put a stop to anti-social behaviour.”

Clark moved onto the Peterborough estate in June and immediately angered neighbours by playing Cheryl Cole anthems at an ‘unbearable’ level.

She was handed a Noise Abatement Notice on August 18 following several complaints of excessive noise.

But Clark tore up the notice in front of a council officer, who returned on September 10 and seized her stereo.

Later that very afternoon she threw a huge party and continued to blast out the X Factor judges’ recent hit Fight for This Love.

Neighbour Gary Reed, 33, was forced to seek refuge by sleeping in his car or at hotels to get away from the ear-splitting noise.

And on Tuesday she appeared at Peterborough Magistrate’s Court, where she was given an interim CRASBO.

Prosecutor Colin Myles said Mr Reed had lived in his flat peacefully for 25 years until Clark moved in in the summer.

He added that Mr Reed had lost his job as a delivery driver due to a lack of sleep caused by Clark’s deafening music.

Mr Myles said: ”He was left feeling tearful and depressed. She made life hell and now he is selling up and moving.”

Clark told magistrates that playing music was her way of coping and claimed her dyslexia meant she had been unable to understand the Noise Abatement Notice.

She said: ”When I get upset about problems I put my music on to calm down.”

Clark pleaded guilty to to failing to comply with a Noise Abatement Order and was handed an interim CRASBO banning her form playing music at a level to distress neighbours.

The order also prevents her from banging on neighbouring walls and using abusing language to council officers, Cross Keys Homes or Gary Reed.

She was also ordered to pay a £150 fine, £100 costs and £15 victim surcharge and will appear at Peterborough Magistrates Court for a full CRASBO hearing in January.

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