ASBO bans man from throwing a ball for his dog


A man has become the first in Britain to be given an ASBO banning him from throwing a ball for his dog – after he kept hurling it towards his neighbours.

Aggressive Sean Gallogly, 48, regularly threw a tennis ball for his dog to chase and catch every time he walked his pet.

But he left residents feeling like ”prisoners in their own homes” by deliberately chucking the missile at any unsuspecting neighbour – or even throw it at their doors and windows.

Gallogy, of Newton Abbot, Devon, has now been given an Anti Social Behaviour Order banning him from throwing a ball for his dog outside his garden.

The order was issued Newton Abbot Magistrates Court which heard he had ”plagued” his estate with his ball antics.

David Campbell, prosecuting, said: ”You have members of the public who sit in their homes feeling like prisoners.”

Gallogly represented himself in court and said he was ”sorry” for the incidents.

Under the terms of the ASBO he is banned from ”throwing a ball for a dog outside the boundary of his home”.

He is also banned from taking a dog out unless it is on a lead or inciting others to act in an anti-social manner.

The ASBO also bans him from using or encouraging others to use foul, abusive, insulting or threatening language and behaviour.

He is also banned from causing any noise interference with the peace and quiet of other residents and lighting fires outside his garden.

Gallogly was given an interim ASBO with a full order expected to be put down at a further hearing on July 29.


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