That’s Senna-sational! F1 legend’s portrait painted by radio controlled cars


An unconventional artist who paints with radio controlled cars has created this stunning portrait of Ayrton Senna – in front of a huge global audience.

Artist's 'senna-sational' portrait of F1 legend

Ian Cook, 28, refuses to use paintbrushes for his creations yet still produces these breathtaking results.

And for his most ambitious piece yet he set about recreating the iconic poster from the film Senna – as 60,000 Senna supporters watched on.

Tens of thousands from across the world logged on to Twitter and Facebook eagerly awaiting updates of the project.

The Birmingham-based artist had the added pressure of thousands of noisy F1 fans watching him as he produced the piece at the recent Autosport show held at the NEC.

But he completed the incredible 2.5 metre by 1.5 metre piece in just eight hours – with fans from around the world praising the quality of the final piece.

He said: “Senna is a legend and was at the pinnacle of his career when tragically he lost his life.

Artist's 'senna-sational' portrait of F1 legend

“It was very special to be able to create this piece at the Autosport International event.

“I don’t create many portrait images and when I do it needs to be the right place and right time.

“The Senna movie gave an amazing insight into the man and the poster image is very powerful and instantly recognisable.

“It was very difficult to replicate and the eyes were particularly hard because of the process of how I paint.

“I was under a lot of pressure but the feedback and interest was great to hear, it felt that there was a buzz at the event for people who were seeing it live and a viral internet ‘buzz’ from photos of its creation being posted online.

Artist's 'senna-sational' portrait of F1 legend

“It took me eight hours and was the hardest piece I’ve ever created. I am very pleased with the end result, it got a great reaction as it was being created and continues to get a positive reaction when people see it.”

Ian has now been given permission by the producers of the film to have official prints made with proceeds going directly to the foundation set up in Senna’s name.

Senna was killed in 1994 at the San Marino Grand Prix held at the Imola racetrack in Italy.

He was 34-years-old and a triple F1 world champion.

Pictures: Vicky Isted


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