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Artist tattoos over leather-covered Ferrari


This Ferrari really is a work of art …

A French artist has unveiled his latest masterpiece – a Ferrari covered in TATTOOS.


Philippe Pasqua wanted to mix man and machine and decided to use the 198mph Ferrari F430 Scuderia as the base of his ambitious project.

He spent hours meticulously covering the supercar in skin-coloured leather before getting his tattoo pen out.

Pasqua then tattooed the Ferrari’s new body with a series of intricate decals and murals.

The limited edition Scuderia was a hardcore edition of the standard F430 and can accelerate from 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds.

When it was launched in 2007 it came with a price-tag of #172,000.

Pasqua’s take on the supercar has just gone on display at the ‘Galerie Laurent Strouk’ in Paris where it can be viewed until January 14, 2012.



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