Art gift from Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page to be sold


Four rare sketches by a pre-Raphaelite artist which were given by a rock and roll legend to his butler are to be sold – after they were found stuffed in an LP cover.

The four intricate drawings by John Everett Millais were a present from Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page to his valet Patrick Hobbs.

Page gave the sketches as a thank you present to Patrick, who was the music star’s butler, chauffeur and valet for over 40 years.

Patrick – known as Rick – was close to the band and was the last man to see drummer John Bonham alive before his death in 1980.

He died earlier this year aged 81 and the drawings were found at his home tucked inside a Led Zeppelin LP cover.

They were discovered by family friend Sue Cook, 46, after Mr Hobbs’ funeral and have now been valued at around £3,000 for the set.

The sketches will be sold at Chilcotts auctioneers in Honiton, Devon, on August 14.

Sue said: ”Tucked inside Rick’s Led Zeppelin LP covers, we found four pencil sketches by Millais, which we believe to be gifts from the band for his devoted service.

”Rick had an extensive record collection and I found the drawings when I was going through them

”I just put them on one side and didn’t think much about them but then I thought they might be important so I took them to have them authenticated.

”Rick was a chauffeur for a London company and met the band when they hired him.

”They hit it off right from the start and he became Jimmy Page’s right-hand man. He was his valet, PA and chauffeur because Jimmy never learned to drive.

”Even in his 70s Rick would get a phone call, jump in his car and drive up to London to sort something out for him.”

Patrick spent years looking after Page and regularly met stars including Sean Connery, John Travolta, Barry Manilow and Michael Caine.

He even drove one of the Minis in iconic movie The Italian Job when a regular stunt driver failed to turn up at work.

Sue said: ”Rick always had a clear brain and was highly trusted by the group.

”He used to ferry their children about and they knew they would be safe with him. They regarded him as a father figure. He was very discreet.

”He put drummer John Bonham to bed and was the last person to see him alive before he died in his sleep in 1980.”

One of the sketches shows a Venetian gondolier serenading a lady, another shows a woman with her suitors and a third features an historic battle between the Cavaliers and Roundheads.

Auctioneer Duncan Chilcott said: ”Jimmy Page is known to be a passionate collector of Victorian art. Rick chose to protect them by slipping inside Led Zeppelin LP covers.

”As a result they are in excellent condition and not faded. They are sure to attract interest from Millais scholars and collectors.”


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