Army officer recruits his twin daughters


An Army officer kept military affairs in the family yesterday after he recruited his own – TWIN DAUGHTERS.

Warrant Officer Class 1 Dale Norman even trained identical 16-year-olds Colette and Kerry HIMSELF.

The pretty teenagers from Droitwich, Worcs., passed tough selection tests and have now landed roles as military secretaries in the Adjutant General’s Corps.

Colette said: ”It’s quite encouraging so at least we know firsthand what the experience will be.

”But it’s also harder. He wants us to do our best – so he knows how far he has to push us to do our best.”

Kerry added: ”We met other women in the army and they were real role models for us to look up.

”We can’t wait to get started. Our dad has told us what life will be life in the Army.”

The sisters first became interested in joining the Army before they finished their GCSEs earlier this year.

They were recruited by their dad at an event at the Army Careers office where he worked in Worcester.

Proud dad WO1 Norman, who has two other children, said: ”I’m incredibly proud of them both and think they will excel in the military.

”I joined the Army when I was their age and it helped sort me out and gave me a wonderful career.”

In a military career spanning 26 years WO1 Norman has served in Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Iraq where he was awarded the Operational MBE for Leadership.

His daughters will now swear their allegiance to the Queen on August 31 before they start basic training in Winchester on October 10.

Delighted WO1 Norman, who served the Princess of Wales Regiment, said: ”After 26 years I know the benefits of being in the Army – travel, pay, excitement, comradeship.

”It’s a structured, long-term career if they want it. The girls have done brilliantly so far and I’m sure they’ll achieve great things.”

Mum Julie, 41, a full-time carer, said: ”The girls will love the Army.

”They are following in their dad’s footsteps and we’re right behind them.”


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