Are you making the most of your office space?


The introduction of computers was supposed to herald a new paperless society.

Offices were told that they could bid farewell to cumbersome paper documentation, as all data would be stored on their computers. This never happened, and many offices find that they have a huge problem, creating space for their paper records.

A cluttered office gives a bad impression to clients 

If a client walks into an office and it looks untidy and cluttered, they may very well suspect that the whole company’s operations are run on similar lines.

A clean and tidy office gives a great impression to anyone who visits
A clean and tidy office gives a great impression to anyone who visits

If your company has to retain paper documentation for legal or other reasons, it’s a good idea to store your most important paperwork with a professional document storage company; Kelly’s Storage is a leader in this field.

If you are a director of a limited company you will have to be able to show paper evidence for your company’s tax affairs for the previous five years. In some cases this can amount to reams of paper, which you don’t have to store on your company premises.

Using your office space intelligently 

When you are designing your office space, take into account the number of people who will use the office and make allowances for additional staff. If visitors come into your working environment, ensure that the reception area is left clear at all times.

The Director magazine suggests that improving your office can also improve your balance sheet. The magazine also recommends that all offices regularly de-clutter.

Some companies regularly print out diary schedules that already exist on computer, other offices are festooned with printed sheets of paper on corporate notice boards, and none of this is necessary. A memory stick is a good idea.

How to organise your office space

Some professions generate more paperwork than others. Lawyers, doctors academics and research journalists have to use paper records. Retain the essential documents in a well-organised filing system and consign the rest elsewhere.

The working environment will also be improved if a little light and space was introduced. Good lighting is essential, overhead fluorescent lights are ugly, and they can cause headaches; look at contemporary individual office lights.

Office furniture doesn’t have to be uniformly dull. The traditional leather armchair, so beloved by certain professions; can get tatty over time, and it’s not always very comfortable. Try to look at your office as if you’re a stranger entering the building for the first time. This exercise will promote innovative thought.

Improve Your Office Day

October 4th is ‘Improve your office day.’ According to The Independent, this is the day when you should experiment with new ideas.

You can always suggest that your office is organised on Feng Shui principals in order to promote inner wellbeing as well as greater productivity. Encourage your staff to collaborate in discussions about your office space.

They may well have some useful suggestions, and given that more of us are spending longer periods of time in the office, you’ll want to promote their participation in all aspects of corporate life.

If anyone is a plant lover, ask themto monitor the company greenery. Plants can really enhance an office, and add a human touch to an impersonal environment.


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