Apple founder Steve Jobs honoured in a list of the Top 100 Greatest Ever Americans

Steve Jobs is among the 100 greatest Americans
Steve Jobs is among the 100 greatest Americans


Steve Jobs is among the 100 greatest Americans
Steve Jobs is among the 100 greatest Americans

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was today honoured on a list of the Greatest Ever Americans alongside Jennifer Aniston, Elvis Presley – and Miley Cyrus.

Jobs masterminded a global tech revolution with devices such as the iPod, iPad and iPhone before losing his battle with pancreatic cancer in October 2011 at the age of 56.

Other famous names who join Jobs on the list include boxing superstar Muhammad Ali, author Ernest Hemingway, film maker Steven Spielberg and the late Michael Jackson.

Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood also made the top 100 as did Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton.

Abraham Lincoln, America’s 16th president, came top of the list.

Other former presidents who ranked highly were second placed Thomas Jefferson, who was the author of the American Declaration of Independence, and John F Kennedy, who was third.

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, and civil rights activist Martin Luther King completed the top five.

Current president Barack Obama only came 32nd.

Other great Americans to feature on the list, comprised following a poll of 1,000 Americans from across all 50 states, include first president George Washington animation pioneer Walt Disney and talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

Elvis Presley was the highest ranking celebrity, making it into number 22, a whole ten places ahead of Obama.

The youngest star to make the top 100 was controversial singer Miley Cyrus, 21.

A spokesman for global market researcher, which commissioned the research, said:

”Abraham Lincoln is considered by many to be one of the greatest American presidents, and it also seems most see him as the greatest American as well.

Abraham Lincoln was voted the greatest ever American
Abraham Lincoln was voted the greatest ever American

”His two terms in office had a huge effect on America as we know it today, and his actions changed the country in so many ways.

”In fact, a large number of those to feature in the top twenty are politicians, either from the past or recent times.

”In comparison, most of today’s ‘celebrities’ could only make it into the second half of the list, with just a handful of recent singers, actors and TV personalities in the top 50.”

The list includes a string of politicians, sports stars, actors, singers and television personalities, while businessmen and inventors also featured.

But by far and away the most votes went to ex-presidents.

Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman were voted in at 16 and 19 respectively and several first ladies were also on the list with Eleanor Roosevelt, who was also a United Nations delegate who oversaw the drafting of the Declaration of Human Rights activist, at 21.

Kennedy’s wife Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Hillary Clinton, who went on to become a senator and Secretary of State, also made the top 100.

Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb, was in sixth place while Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, came twelfth.

Microsoft boss Bill Gates and Andrew Carnegie, who led the American steel industry expansion, are also in the top thirty.

TV star Oprah Winfrey was close behind with Bill Cosby and Ellen DeGeneres also making an appearance.

The top 100 also includes Hollywood greats such as Marilyn Monroe, Steven Spielberg, Katherine Hepburn, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks and even Will Smith.

Singers to feature in the list included Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Stevie Wonder.

Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga were also named among the greatest Americans.

Even Britney Spears and reality TV star Kim Kardashian, managed to scrape into the top 100.

1.            Abraham Lincoln
2.            Thomas Jefferson
3.            John F Kennedy
4.            Neil Armstrong
5.            Martin Luther King
6.            Thomas Edison
7.            George Washington
8.            Benjamin Franklin
9.            Orville and Wilbur Wright
10.          Rosa Parks
11.          Franklin Roosevelt
12.          Henry Ford
13.          Steve Jobs
14.          Walt Disney
15.          Bill Gates
16.          Dwight Eisenhower
17.          Alexander Hamilton
18.          Amelia Earhart
19.          Harry Truman
20.          Eleanor Roosevelt
21.          Andrew Carnegie
22.          Elvis Presley
23.          Jackie Kennedy Onassis
24.          Oprah Winfrey
25.          Andrew Jackson
26.          Muhammad Ali
27.          Ernest Hemingway
28.          Steven Spielberg
29.          Bill Cosby
30.          Bill Clinton
31.          Chuck Yeager
32.          Barack Obama
33.          Michael Jordan
34.          Morgan Freeman
35.          George Bush Snr
36.          Tom Hanks
37.          Michael Jackson
38.          Clint Eastwood
39.          Hilary Clinton
40.          Larry Page
41.          George Bush Jnr
42.          Katherine Hepburn
43.          Marilyn Monroe
44.          Frank Sinatra
45.          Ellen DeGeneres
46.          J.P Morgan
47.          Will Smith
48.          Nat King Cole
49.          Judy Garland
50.          Stevie Wonder
51.          Dolly Parton
52.          Alfred Hitchcock
53.          George Lucas
54.          Donald Trump
55.          Paul Walker
56.          Whitney Houston
57.          Samuel L Jackson
58.          Christopher Reeve
59.          Angelina Jolie
60.          Dick Van Dyke
61.          Brad Pitt
62.          Jennifer Lopez
63.          Martin Scorsese
64.          George Clooney
65.          Leonardo DiCaprio
66.          Arnold Schwarzenegger
67.          Matthew McConaughey
68.          Ella Fitzgerald
69.          Jennifer Aniston
70.          Taylor Swift
71.          Cher
72.          Eminem
73.          Jimmy Wales
74.          Tiger Woods
75.          Justin Timberlake
76.          Tom Cruise
77.          Halle Berry
78.          Janet Jackson
79.          Mariah Carey
80.          Beyonce
81.          Alicia Keys
82.          Quentin Tarantino
83.          Will Ferrell
84.          Jennifer Lawrence
85.          Katy Perry
86.          Madonna
87.          Robert Downey Jr
88.          Christina Aguilera
89.          Seth MacFarlane
90.          Lady Gaga
91.          Billie Holiday
92.          Selena Gomez
93.          Tina Fey
94.          Jennifer Garner
95.          Steve Carell
96.          Miley Cyrus
97.          Kim Kardashian
98.          Paul Rudd
99.          Britney Spears
100.        Robert Rodriguez


  1. what a stupid ignorant list,,, to even suggest or label it as top 100 is a travesty of stupidity,,, Abraham Lincoln on the same list as a loser such as Cyrus or other such un notables on this piece of garbage is absolute crap. the results as you profess sadly reflect on the publisher and the respondents limited lacking intelligence or knowledge base and who they view as a mentor or example of true contribution to our country. I had to look the print date over to confirm it was not April 1st. wake up .


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