Anton Paar are now offering increased warranty on distillation heater


ANTONThe ADU 5 automatic distillation unit from Anton Paar has been a worldwide sales success.

At the centre of the instrument is our innovative infra-red heating system.

This has proved its reliability in the field so well that  Anton Paar are now offering a full 5 year warranty for the heating elements.

Easy on the glassware, easy on your consumables budget.

As well as offering long and trouble free life using the infra-red heater elements, there is no direct contact making them ‘glass friendly’.  T

his will give you exceedingly good life for distillation flasks, especially when used with higher temperature samples such as gas oils & diesel.


The ADU 5 also uses standard flasks, rather than proprietary glassware allowing you to source from you current supplier.

The excellent heat control of the IR lamps ensures an optimum standardised distillation rate.

Even for complicated mixtures such as bioethanol.

Other features of the ADU 5 are excellent temperature stability of the receiving chamber and optical receiver monitoring with no moving parts.

These guarantee highly accurate results with outstanding repeatability and reproducibility.


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