Facebook picture of Anthony Swinburn, a crime suspect who is regarded by West Midlands Police as one of the region’s ‘Most Wanted’ men who has been brazenly posting details of his whereabouts on Facebook. See NTI story NTIWANTED. In one message put in the website, Anthony Swinburn wrote about his dismay at the recent snowy weather while in another, he described how he was about to tuck into a steak, onion rings, chicken wings and fries. He has even gone as far as to design his own Wanted poster. Despite the fact that detectives are on the hunt for the 28-year-old, he has even put details on his profile about where he is living. And in one of his latest messages to his friends, he described how he was about to have Sky TV “with every channel” at his home and that he would need some popcorn as he was not going to be moving for a while. West Midlands Police today said they would investigate the information passed to them.
(Credit: Newsteam).

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