Anorexic dancer tied the knot with boyfriend who saved her life with a romantic list of reasons to live – which ended with a wedding proposal

Emma Stokes with her partner Chris Weir on their wedding day (SWNS)
Emma Stokes with her partner Chris Weir on their wedding day (SWNS)

An anorexic dancer has married her soulmate after he saved her life by proposing with a touching list of reasons to live – which ended: “Will you marry me?”.

Worried Chris Weir drew up the romantic note after watching Emma Stokes become dangerously thin, plummeting from a healthy 9st 2lbs to just 6st 7lbs.

Emma, 26, would exercise for SIX hours a day and only eat tiny portions of lettuce, vegetables and a single Weetabix with watery milk – less than 600 calories a day.

For two years Chris, 26, helplessly saw the love of his life deteriorate before his eyes until size six clothes were baggy on her tiny frame.

But she only started to get better after he gave her a touching list of reasons why he wanted her to be healthy – which ended with reason 10 to MARRY him.


A year and a half later, the pair from Huntington, Cheshire, tied the knot on Monday (8/8).

Delighted Emma, who now weighs around 7st 7lbs and is still gaining weight, said: “I do truly believe that Chris’ list helped save me.

“I work really well towards goals – I always have.

“He has never once given up on me. He said that he wanted to marry me, even at my worst, and I thought ‘I’ve found someone here’.

“The wedding day was amazing. I would not have changed a thing.

“Before I would have been worried about everything.

“I would have been worrying that all these people are looking at me and thinking I’m fat or too thin, but my day was perfect.

“I feel that part of my life [eating disorder] is done, I’ve almost closed the door on it.”

Emma Stokes pictured at the height of her battle with anorexia (L) and as she begins to rebuild her weight - and her life (R)
Emma Stokes at the height of her battle with anorexia (L) and then  as she begins to rebuild her weight – and her life (R) (SWNS)

Emma, from Huntington, Cheshire, started losing weight in March 2013 after her Nan died and she felt like she had “lost control” of everything.

She saw an NHS therapist and dieticians as an outpatient but claimed they refused to give her meal plans.

She said she also had cognitive behavioural therapy but it was ineffective and her weight continued falling by up to 2lb a week.

After 12 months her mum decided to take her to a private, specialist hospital instead.

Emma, who battled bulimia in her teens, said: “My body was just shutting down.

“I literally use to drag myself out of bed, teach a class, set an alarm and go to sleep and then repeat.”

Chris Weir's note to his partner Emma Stokes - which inspired her to beat anorexia (SWNS)
Chris Weir’s note to his partner Emma Stokes – which inspired her to beat anorexia (SWNS)

On Emma‘s 23rd birthday in April 2014 she was admitted to the private Priory Hospital in Altrincham, Cheshire, as an outpatient and stopped receiving NHS care.

She said the help she got from dietitians and therapists there was much more effective and she began to tackle her fear of food.

Emma left hospital on March 7 2015 and when she got home Chris, a packaging designer, got down on one knee and handed her a piece of paper.

It was his list of ten reasons entitled ‘Why I want Emma to fully recover’ and, on the back, Chris had written: “Emma Victoria Stokes. Will you marry me?”

It was the kick start she needed, and she found the strength to get better while planning her wedding.

They tied the knot in front their family and friends on Monday, and are due to set off soon on a two week honeymoon to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
SWNS_ANOREXIX_DANCER_14Emma, who is now Mrs Weir, added: “That’s something I never would have been able to do.

“Apart from worrying about what I was going to eat, there was a point where my blood pressure was so low, they were talking about how I couldn’t fly.

“I still have a little while to go to get to my ideal weight, but I feel amazing.

“I’m so happy. I honestly wish I could bottle how I feel now and hand it out to people.

“It’s the happiest I’ve ever been.”

His full list reads:

1. I want Emma to have the chance to have children -> she is a fantastic teacher and is great with Colin! She will make a wonderful mother!

2. I want to watch Emma complete another run!

3. I want to complete the “three peaks” with her.

4. I want her to get better so she can further help others with their recovery.

5. I want her to get better to maximise her amazing skills as a dance teacher and continue to be an inspiration to many.

6. I want her bum back!!

7. I want her to realise her true beauty both on the inside and out.

8. I want her to be happy – to live a life and not just exist!

9. I want her to look and feel great on her wedding day -> please turn over!! (more soppy shit on the back!)

10. Emma Victoria Stokes. Will you marry me?


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