Animal lover opens up seven-star pet resort


Pampered pets can live the life of luxury in the world’s first seven-star animal hotel in Dubai – complete with air conditioned suites and an on-site GYM.

Animal lover opens up seven-star pet resort

Irish ex-pat Aideen O’Mara set up the Urban Tails Pet Resort as a pet equivalent to the mega-rich resort’s famous Burj Al Arab hotel.

Charging up to #68 per night, the hotel has plasma TVs in rooms and butlers to cater for the animals’ every need.

There are webcams all over the resort so owners can log in from wherever they are in the world for peace of mind.

And speakers play classical music in communal areas of the resort to ”promote calmness”.

Dogs are not allowed on public beaches or in parks in Dubai and have to spend five months inside because of the unbearable heat.

Animal lover opens up seven-star pet resort

Aideen moved to the UAE in 2004 where she worked at an international school for seven years before she spotted a gap in the market and set up her hotel this year.

She wanted to create an environment where cats and dogs could ”socialise in luxury surroundings” while their European owners return home at the hottest time of the year.

Urban Tails – which styles itself as a seven-star resort like the famous Burj al Arab hotel – has suites to accommodate 70 dogs and 40 cats while their owners are away from home.

Aideen, said: ”I have always had pets and I feel that animals are given a bit of a raw deal in the UAE in terms of pet services on offer and they do not have much freedom in comparison to dogs in Europe.

”I came up with the idea of a pet resort as, first of all, most of the pets in Dubai use boarding facilities and secondly, there was no facility in the country that was attempting to make boarding stress free for the pet and their owners.

”When dogs are staying with us we socialise them in groups and get them out of their suites, playing a few times a day so that when they are put back in they are too tired to be anxious.

Animal lover opens up seven-star pet resort

”We have plasma TVs in all the dog suites to give them company and let them hear sounds that remind them of home.

”I wanted the dogs to actually enjoy the boarding experience instead of hating it.”

Prices start from £20 per night for the Junior Suite with the slightly larger Deluxe and Urban Suites costing £24 and £25.50 respectively.

All suites and play areas have a special design layout to reduce noise and minimize stress

The top-of-the-range Royal Suite costs a jaw-dropping £68 per night, although the service comes with a personal butler and pickup and delivery in the ‘pet limo’.

Animal lover opens up seven-star pet resort

Aideen added: ”It’s not all about dogs either. Our cat guests also get out of their condos every day so they don’t feel like they’re cooped up.

”Sometimes we are able to mix a few cats together so they can play on the Cat Jungle and run around after each other.”

”It’s been our first summer but we were full for the whole season and the animals seem to love it.

”Owners are always saying that when their car pulls up outside the gate the dog is pulling at the leash to come inside. Some dogs even have to be pulled out the gate when they are leaving.”


  1. Wow, I would love to leave my 2 Doxie’s here, I think they would have a better vacation than I would.  In. San Francisco, CA, there is a dog hotel, but quite pricy.  But for those fortunate, I know your furry family members just love you!

  2. Prices at Urban Tails Dubai start at $30 a night for the Junior Suite, climb to $37 and $40 for the larger Deluxe and Urban suites, and go all the way up to the $68-per-night which comes with a personal pet butler and pet-limo pickup and delivery service.


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