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Animal harm: Bestiality DVD seller jailed


A man has been jailed for two years after he was caught selling ”depraved” bestiality DVDs – at a village car boot sale.

Sick Glen Smith, 38, was arrested at a sale in Cuffley, Herts., before police seized 9,700 counterfeit DVDs and copying equipment worth over £250,000 from his home.

When officers analysed the haul they discovered horrific videos of bestiality which contained ”obscene” acts carried out on animals.

Smith, from Chingford, London, pleaded guilty to 13 animal pornography charges and nine counts of selling counterfeit CDs and DVDs at St Albans Crown Court, Herts.

He was jailed for two years for the copyright infringement charges and six months for the animal pornography charges, to run concurrently.

Following the hearing Neighbourhood Sergeant Malcolm Dey, who made the arrest, revealed the videos are the ”most disturbing” he has seen in 14 years of service.

He said: ”We are thrilled with Smith’s significant sentence which shows how this type of crime is viewed by the courts.

”Having viewed these videos to evidence the content I have never in my 14 year service come across such content that is distressing, disturbing and contains the most depraved and obscene acts.

”The acts were degrading and humiliating to both people and animals. If this content was viewed by the general public, it would undoubtedly cause distress and trauma.

”It was apparent that the animals were physically abused and there is also the impact on the ‘actors,’ none have been identified and believed not to be from the UK.”

Smith was arrested at a car boot sale held in the village of Cuffley in August 2009 following a lengthy covert operation by police.

Police have refused to reveal the names and content of the animal pornography videos he was offering for sale because they are ”too graphic” in nature.

Andrew Howell, spokesman for the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), praised the sentence imposed upon Smith.

He said: ”FACT is grateful to Hertfordshire Police for pursuing this type of criminality which is often seen as a victimless crime.

”The sentence sends out a clear message to those people who are engaged or tempted to participate in this activity.”



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