Angelina Jolie honours Brad Pitt with new tattoo


Tattoo fan Angelina Jolie has added to her ink collection with a tribute to partner Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie honours Brad Pitt with new tattoo

The actress, 35, unveiled a new set of map coordinates tattooed on her arm during a UN goodwill trip to the Libya-Tunisia border this week.

She already has the coordinates of the birth places of her six children inked on her skin and the addition appears to read N 35°20’33” W96°56’34”, pointing towards Brad’s birthplace of Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Onlookers speculated at first that the new coordinates could mean she is adopting another child, but a source close to the actress denied this.

Angelina’s extensively-decorated body already boasts a twelve-inch tiger on her back, a cross on her midriff and several quotes on her shoulders and stomach.

Brad’s not the first partner of hers to make an appearance on her flesh, either. In 2005 Ange underwent painful laser surgery to remove ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton’s name from her arm.



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