Andy Gray and Richard Keys stand down from Sky Sports Monday Night Football


Sky Sports presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys have pulled out of tonight’s football following sexist comments made of air at the weekend.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys stand down from Sky Sports Monday Night Football

The experienced hosts were discussing women in football during Liverpool’s victory at Wolves on Saturday.

Gray is heard telling Keys “they (women) probably don’t know the offside rule” and that someone “f****d up big” appointing a female linesman for the match.

Sian Massey was running the line for only her second time in the Premiership and judged perfectly that Liverpool midfielder Raul Meireles was onside for the Reds’ first goal – despite appeals from Wolves players and their fans.

Gray also referred to female referee Wendy Toms as “f*****g hopeless” while Keys made a disparaging remark about West Ham United’s deputy chair Karen Brady.

An anonymous source intercepted the comments which weren’t broadcast, and handed it to The Mail on Sunday who covered the story yesterday.

The comments have been widely criticised and, following pressure, the two have pulled out of presenting tonight’s match between Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea.

A spokesperson for Sky said: “The comments are not acceptable. They were not made on air but we have spoken to Richard and Andy and told them our views and they have apologised and expressed their regret.”


  1. Hopefully this will see them both sacked, if not for the racist comments then for the horrible, smug ineptness which seems to come naturally to them both


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