Andy Black Associates appointed as a Digital Outcomes and Specialist supplier to UK government


andy blackAndy Black Associates has been appointed as a Digital Outcomes and Specialist supplier to the UK government’s new Digital Marketplace framework. The Digital Marketplace will transform how businesses sell digital services to government and allow the public sector to select digital service suppliers to assist in the creation, building and delivery of digital services.

The framework allows suppliers to talk directly with government buyers to better understand their problem and come up with more innovative solutions. Suppliers on the framework can bid for contracts making it easier than ever for government to work with a wide range of companies that best meet their needs.

Andy Black Associates already provide digital skills training to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well as hosting, WordPress website design and video eLearning services to the National Association of Local Councils and individual Parish Councils.

Mark Logan, Head of Communications at Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Shanghai) said: “Diplomacy is of course not immune to the new digital age. I benefited from taking Andy’s Digital course as offered by the British Foreign Office. Andy showed great expertise in helping people of all abilities. Through Andy’s course we learnt about the research skills needed to help deliver projects at work. And he also introduced the class to the latest software. Daunting at first, indispensable in the long run”

Andy Black Associates was founded in 2014 by Andy Black, a digital technology and social media specialist, and Mark Millmore, an award-winning website designer and software developer. Over the last two years the team has grown to include experts in business communication, training, content, intelligence, cyber security and video.

Andy Black Associates offer the following services to UK government on the Digital Marketplace:

  • A low-cost and powerful Digital Transformation Platform.
  • Customised WordPress websites including hosting, ecommerce and video e learning.
  • Practical digital and social media training courses focused on rapid upskilling.
  • Content design services – videos, photos, images, infographics and writing.
  • Consultancy services – cyber security, research, mentoring and crowdfunding.


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