An elderly dog with wobbly legs has been given a new lease of life – with a set of stabilisers to help him walk

Boswell (SWNS Group)

An elderly dog with wobbly legs is rolling back the years thanks to his own set of WHEELS.

Boswell (SWNS Group)
Boswell (SWNS Group)

Boswell, a 13-year-old Afghan hound, was facing a miserable end to his life due to hip problems and chronic arthritis.

He struggled to walk and balance and owner Maggie Thornton said he had even become reluctant to go outdoors for exercise.

Fearing his lack of mobility could shorten his life expectancy, she found a company online which makes ‘stabilisers’ for disabled dogs.

The contraption uses a harness and two wheels, easing the load on his weak back legs.

And to Maggie‘s delight the device has given Boswell a new lease of life.

He has taken to it without a fuss and now likes nothing better than going out for wheelies.

Maggie Thornton from Tewkesbury with her dog Boswell (SWNS Group)
Maggie Thornton from Tewkesbury with her dog Boswell (SWNS Group)

Maggie, a museum curator from Tewkesbury, Glos., said: “His back legs are giving way and he’s so wobbly he can fall over.

“It had got to the point where he didn’t want to go out.

“But now he’s got stabilisers sometimes he’s at the door before me. It’s given him a new lease of life.”

Maggie, who has had Boswell since he was eight-weeks-old, also has two other dogs.


Owner Maggie Thornton, 59, said: “We’d knew at six months that something was wrong – he didn’t jump around or do anything that Afghans are supposed to do.

“He had hip displasia and if he moved too fast he would fall over. So I always had an eye out for something that could help him.”

Boswell suffers from chronic arthritis and is on painkillers – but he’s down to one anti-inflammatory a day now.

Maggie said: “From the moment we put the wheels on, he was away. He just became a different dog.

“I used to have to drag him off the sofa for walks – and now he’s straight to the door.”

Boswell’s stabilisers were tailor-made, with the company taking many measurements to get an exact fit.


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