Amsterdam canals, Paris sunset and Glasgow street art named in top city sights

The world-famous Amsterdam canals
The world-famous Amsterdam canals

The Amsterdam canals, the sunset in Paris and street art in Glasgow have been named in a list of the top city sights around the world.

Citybase Apartments found that their customers’ favourite activity while travelling was sightseeing in well-known cities.

They have now put together a comprehensive list of the 39 best places to visit in tourist hot spots. It includes the canals in Amsterdam, Park Guell in Barcelona, architecture in Brussells and graffiti art in Glasgow.

The list also covers a number of unique city vantage points such as the observations decks at the Top of the Rock in New York City, Sydney Tower, and the World Financial Centre in Shanghai.

The world-famous Amsterdam canals
The world-famous Amsterdam canals

Citybase Managing Director  Stuart Park said: ‘When we saw how popular sight-seeing really is on the agenda for our city break customers, we wanted to give them, and other prospective ‘city breakers’, something of value that would hopefully inspire and entertain them as much as it has us. We wanted to find sights that not only are incredible to realise and witness for yourself, but that give an idea about the feel of each city overall.’

Sunsets and night-time cityscapes feature heavily, with Paris, Miami, Singapore City and London noted for their delightful appearance from dusk til dawn.

While architectural must-sees inlcude The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi,  St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow and Prague Castle in the Czech Republic, Montreal’s Notre-Dame Bascilia, the famous painted ceiling of Rome’s Sistine Chapel and Milan’s oldest shopping mall.

Just one city festival made it into Citybases’ top 39 City Sights, which was the Ganesh Festival celebrations that take place annually in Mumbai, where giant idols are paraded through the streets and are a way for local artists to showcase their skills.

Stuart added: ‘It was incredibly difficult to choose just a few of the world’s breath taking sights, as we know that every single city has so many wonderful contenders. But we felt that the ones that made the list were particularly spectacular and encompassing of the citys’ main characteristics.

‘For example, a romantic sunset in Paris reflects the warm, romantic nature of the city itself; creative street art in Glasgow sums up the city’s bursting culture and arts scene. We hope that the list helps to inspire memorable city breaks all over the world.’

The full list of 39 city sights that will take your breath away can be found on the Citybase Apartments blog




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