Amazon removes pushchair from site after one-year-old girl FELL OUT of one


Online retailer Amazon removed a pushchair from sale yesterday after a one-year-old girl tumbled out of one – when the WHEELS fell off.

Mum Kat Nulty, 28, watched in horror as the Hugz Babystore pram ‘fell apart’ throwing daughter Alexia to the floor.

Kat, of Broadfield, West Sussex, bought the £300 pram from Amazon, which has since removed the model from sale over safety concerns.

She said: “I was out with her in the pushchair in town and the front wheel snapped off and came away from the frame, and the whole thing toppled over.

“Alexia fell out. It was quite a shock. She was upset as she knocked her head against the frame of the pushchair.  It doesn’t bear thinking about – they are potentially lethal.”

Amazon has since removed the particular model of pram from its website, but Hugz Babystore have declined to comment.


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