Amazing video of nine-year-old lad copying his footballing hero Barcelona’s Martin Montoya to score a goal – in a BASKETBALL net


This is the amazing moment schoolboy Frankie Franz scored a goal from 25 metres – into a BASKETBALL hoop.

The nine-year-old had just watched the viral video of Barcelona’s Martin Montoya perform the same staggering trick shot in training earlier this month.

He joked with his grandmother Jean Thwaites, 61, and mum Lucy, 32, that he could net the same incredible goal and pulled the hoop into the middle of the goal.

After a little run up he manages to net the ball straight through the hoop – and turns towards the camera with a gob-smacked look on his face.

Proud mum Lucy, from Upminster, east London, said: “He loves football and after he saw the Barcelona player do the show he said ‘I’ll be able to do that’.

“Me and my mum just said ‘really?’ and he went to get the net, pulled it over and bang – it went in first time.

“Me and mum were like ‘oh my god’ we couldn’t believe it.

“He is very good at football, but that was just amazing.  It was very special.”

Talented Frankie has loved playing football since he could walk, and currently attends the academy with Dagenham and Redbridge Football Club.

The centre-midfield player – who trains a number of times a week – dreams of playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona.

He first saw the Martin Montoya goal a couple of weeks ago, and vowed to try it when he got to his grandmother’s house on Saturday (18th).

To the family’s amazement he got the shot in first time, and after a celebration dance tried again – and amazingly netted another shot.

“I think he’s got it down now,” said Lucy, who help runs a building firm with husband Matt, 34.

“He is very confident but you can tell by the look on his face I think he was surprised too,” added Lucy, who has another son Reggie, six.


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