Alternative Things to Do With Your Summer



June and July may have passed but August is just as much a summer month as any, not to mention those Indian summers that September can bring. With that in mind, it is important to have a good list of ideas at the ready to make the most of your summer, whether that is a day out with family or an adult-only activity.

1. Outdoor Cinema

Most people see cinemas as a go-to bad weather option, heading down to the local Odeon or whatever venue it may be. Outdoor cinemas are a great way to catch your favourite film and enjoy the sun. This can become a real family occasion, with picnics and barbecues being a popular choice to bring along instead of popcorn. There are many companies now who are organising outdoor cinema events that are not just in London, although Somerset House does happen to have one of the most established outdoor cinemas. Groups like The Luna Cinema runs film showings all over the country from Northumberland to Dorset, with both classics and new releases in the mix. Do not worry if you think you might have missed the chance to indulge in a movie night under the stars as outdoor cinema showings can run until the start of October, so there is a plenty of time to book some tickets.

2. Casinos


James Bond is not the only Brit who can revel in sophisticated casinos; you can too. An evening activity of a more adult calibre, how about spending some couple time or a night with friends at one of Britain’s many casinos? Chain casinos offer varied forms of casino games in lots of cities, so grab yourself a drink and place your bets. You do not even have to miss any sunshine for this one, as you can spend the day in the nice weather and then let your hair down later. Of course, whether it is raining or not, as long as you have your phone with you, you can play all sorts of games online when you visit sites like Mobile Wins, which has both table games and popular slots like Thunderstruck II and Jack Hammer. By playing casino online at home, you could save yourself some time by not having to think about what you are wearing or if you will need a taxi ride home.

3. Escape Rooms


Escape rooms are all the rage at the moment. It appears that being locked in a room for an hour and trying to figure your way out is fun, so why not see for yourself? Discover your inner detective and unlock clues about the mystery that stops your escape. A wet day activity or a unique idea for a party, escape rooms may or may not be suitable for all the family. Whilst some are child-friendly, others can have a scary theme like zombies or asylums. Adults will hopefully find the experience exhilarating but children may be overwhelmed. Parents should not worry though, as themes in some rooms are offices, spies, and pirates, perfect for little treasure hunters.  Nevertheless, this is an alternative and exciting way to spend an hour and immerse yourself in some good old mystery.

These ideas should give you some interesting ways to spend the rest of your summer. As the seasons change and autumn approaches, they still provide excellent entertainment for you and your loved ones.


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