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Air Stewardesses’ Lady Gaga-themed safety dance is Youtube hit


Amazing video footage of air stewardesses performing Lady Gaga as part of an Asian airline’s safety procedure has become a Youtube sensation.

More than 8 MILLION people have watched the mobile phone clip of Philippine airline Cebu Pacific’s safety dance to the sound of Just Dance by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry’s California Gurls.

As the music is played, three stewardesses dressed in orange dance down the aisle and perform a series of dance moves while pointing out the exits and what to do in the event of a loss of cabin pressure.

At the end of the two-minute dance the sexy stewardesses are applauded by the stunned passengers.

However, the airline’s inventive way of retaining the passengers’ attention through the often dull but important safety procedure has been met with condemnation.

Government officials are reportedly investigating over fears the dancing stunt violates aviation safety regulations while feminist organisations in the Philippines have labelled the act as sexist.

Candice Iyog, the airline’s vice president for marketing, told AFP: “We have always been a fun and very family-oriented company.

“The reaction has been positive. The passengers did pay attention.”

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  1. People are really concerned about this? I’ve had equally irreverent flight safety briefings on multiple Southwest flights and trust me, I pay a lot more attention that I do to the ones that just drone on and on… Actually, I pretty much always tune them out.

  2. Hmmm…I saw nothing wrong with this. And the stewardesses seemed to be having fun with it too. Whoever thought of this deserves a raise.


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