Agoraphobic Paula Ray pictured at the home she has not left for 20 years- she may have to leave the home for good because she can’t afford to pay the ‘bedroom tax’. See SWHS story SWHOUSE; An agoraphobic who has not left home her home in TWENTY years could face eviction – in a row over bedroom tax. Paula Ray, 52, has not set foot outside her three bedroom property in two decades due to her severe phobia – and has missed both her daughter’s weddings and never been out with her grandchildren. She began to suffer from the debilitating condition in 1984, but it got so severe in 1995 that she has been housebound ever since. She lives with husband David, 57, who acts as her full time carer, but now fears she may lose her home after incurring nearly £2,000 in backdated fees for bedroom tax after her daughter moved out.

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