Advanced Security Features Ensures Pryvate™ Remains Number One Global Encryption App


pryvatePryvate™, the most secure encryption app currently on the market has bolstered its security features by adding screenshot notifications, auto discovery and population of Pryvate™ contact information (presence), and agnostic secure email. These new features combined with the extensive existing list of encryption and security capabilities further cement Pryvate’s position as the industry leader, always one step ahead of the potential threat.

Pryvate™ is designed to protect users from the threats associated with cybercriminals, corporate espionage, hackers and being subjected to government monitoring.  The new security features focus on three key areas; presence, notifications of screen shots and agnostic secure email.

Presence refers to the automatic discovery of other contacts within the user’s address book that are using Pryvate™. Users will get a notification when their contacts become a Pryvate™ user and the app will automatically populate their Pryvate™ address book, enabling Pryvate™ users to see when their connected contacts are available for a fully, secure, military grade encrypted voice/video call or instant message.

Notifications on screen shots detects when a screenshot it taken when the Pryvate™ app is open and warns the sender that their recipient is attempting to photograph their confidential information. This can indicate that the recipient’s mobile device has been stolen or is being used illegally. It can also be used to simply inform the user that their content has been stored – i.e. the recipient wishes to keep a copy of the conversation.

Finally, agnostic secure email means that Pryvate™ users can assign one email address as private or use any or all of their email addresses in this way. Pryvate’s Agnostic Secure Email feature means that secure email can be sent from any platform to any platform, such as Android to iOS and vice versa and on any client of the user’s choice. This means that users do not need to be retrained on new platforms and IT staff can keep their existing technology and procedures in place, without having to invest in new software/hardware or change their schedules (for example, for backing up etc.).

Jonathan Parker-Bray, CEO and Founder of Cryptique said: “These new security features add to an already impressive array of solutions to keep Pryvate™ users safe and secure whilst communicating online. We will strive to make continual improvements to not only keep ahead of cybercriminals and those out to maliciously harm people, but also the competition. We are, and will remain to be the world’s number one encryption app and our growing popularity demonstrates that this is the case.”

Pryvate™ uses military grade encryption technology combined with RSA 4096 bit and AES 256 bit encryption to provide end-to-end encryption for its users. Unique encryption keys are generated for each individual communication (email, voice call, text or instant message) from within the app on the user’s device. This results in there being no middle man, and therefore no data or encryption keys are stored by either Cryptique or the user’s device. It also uses Diffie-Hellman (D-H) key exchange, MD5 & SHA512 hash for voice integrity and proprietary ‘Protection Agent’ software to ensure that all communications are 100% secure from any potential threats.

The Pryvate™ app is available to download now or for more information, please visit:


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