Winnie the puppy who has been dumped because of her facial disfigurement is being looked after at the Basildon Dogs Trust with receptionist Sarah Rowe. See Ross Parry copy RPYBEAR : How could anyone BEAR to give up this adorable pup – whose owners wanted SNOUT to do with her. The gorgeous puppy was dumped in a box and abandoned in her local park when she was only a few weeks old. Cold, shivering and left to fend for herself, thankfully a passer-by found her and took her to the Dog’s Trust at the beginning of October. Staff there fell in love with her – and noticed the unusual marking on her snout makes her look like a BEAR CUB. They named her Winnie – after the famous A.A. Milnes character – and nursed her back to health with all the bare necessities she needed.

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