Adorable French bulldog desperately tries not to sneeze – when a lizard crawls onto his NOSE


This adorable bulldog has won the hearts of millions as he tries desperately not to sneeze – when a lizard crawls on his NOSE.

Seven-and-a-half year old ‘Yun Ja’ was at home playing with owner Eak Soomhua (corr), 44, when the green gecko fell onto his back.

The three-inch long creepy crawlie scampered across the white French bulldog‘s face before pausing on his sensitive nostrils.

Yun Ja growls menacingly and flares his nostrils – poised to either sneeze or snap at the common house gecko.

But in a tense encounter, the loveable mutt keeps his cool and fixes his eyes on the end of his nose – hilariously licking his snout as he tries to flick away the ‘jing jok’ lizard.

The gecko simply steps away each time, before eventually getting knocked onto the ground at the home in Bangsaen, Chonburi province, Thailand.


Restaurant owner Eak recorded a clip which has been viewed more than two million times on Thai social media.

He said: ”The lizard ran onto Yun Ja’s face. I didn’t know what would happen.

”It was a tense moment and I think a lot of dogs would have barked or snapped at the gecko.

”He looks just a little bit confused. He’s watching he lizard to see where he goes, and he’s trying not to sneeze.

”But he stayed calm and used his tongue to push away the lizard, which fell off and ran away.

”Yun Ja is softest, cutest dog you could wish to meet. He would never hurt anybody.

”Thankfully, living in Thailand, he’s used to all kinds of animals, wildlife and insects.”

Eak has looked after Yun Ja since he took him in as a puppy.

He regularly posts pictures and videos of the cute mutt in fancy dress outfits, splashing around in paddling pools and playing with other cats and dogs.

Eak added: ”Everybody at the restaurant loves Yun Ja. He gets a lot of attention and we all love dressing him up and playing with him.

”He has more friends than anybody I know.”


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