Adorable Eight-Year-Old Looks Like An Angel But Sings Like Johnny Rotten In Hilarious New Advert

Phoebe Jones 8, who featured in a Citroen advert singing death metal, Pate's Grammar School, Cheltenham.
Phoebe Jones 8, who featured in a Citroen advert singing death metal, Pate's Grammar School, Cheltenham.
Phoebe Jones 8, who featured in a Citroen advert singing death metal, Pate’s Grammar School, Cheltenham.

Meet the adorable eight-year-old girl with the face of an angel – and a voice like Johnny Rotten.

Little Phoebe Jones looks like butter wouldn’t melt as she plays a talent show contestant in this hilarious clip.

The schoolgirl introduces herself to the judges as she stands nervously on stage, clutches the microphone and smiles sweetly, poised ready to perform.

But instead of having the soft singing voice the audience expects, Phoebe opens her mouth and roars at the top of her lungs like Sex Pistols star Johnny Rotten.

The cute youngster, wearing a pink cardigan and pretty dress, screams: “I am a fire drake and I will not give you a break until you have a headache.”

Phoebe Jones in the hilarious advert for Citroen.
Phoebe Jones in the hilarious advert for Citroen.

She’s then seen being driven away by her proud parents, who are blasting the same deafening tune in the car.

Her amusing performance was part of a Citroen advert being shown on prime-time TV in Europe, which made its UK debut on Saturday during The Voice.

Mum Lydia, 34, of Dursley, Glos., said: “She comes on looking all sweet and innocent and then starts singing that song.

“They didn’t tell anybody what she was going to do so naturally they were quite shocked and it shows on their faces.

“Her normal singing voice is very high pitched as you would expect for an eight-year-old – it’s soft and cute.

“It was just so funny when she opened her mouth and sang like that and no one could believe she did it. Everyone thought it was hilarious.

“She spent a lot of time beforehand listening to heavy music to prepare, which was certainly interesting.

“We listened to Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne and the Sex Pistols at home – we did a lot of Youtubing.

“She loves Taylor Swift and Katy Perry so it was a definite contrast. Thrash metal has never really featured highly on her list before.

“When she first listened to it she was like, ‘I don’t quite understand it,’ so I’m not sure she’s going to carry on listening to it.

“The video is definitely one to embarrass her with on her 18th birthday.”

Phoebe, who plays Lexi on CBeebies show Spot Bots, and has starred in other adverts, flew to Slovenia last month to film the ad.

The youngster, who lives with mum Lydia and dad Sam, who run a finance company, performed in front of a live audience who had no idea what to expect.

Phoebe, who starred in the Make Your Face Funny for Money TV campaign and stars in the Chessington World of Adventures advert, said she had a great time.

She said: “It was really fun. They had some warm up acts to get the crowd ready. I was very nervous at first but I just let it all out and screamed.

“It sounds very different to my normal singing voice.”

“I sort of liked the music but I wouldn’t listen to it all the time.

“I like lots of different types of music – I like Queen and Michael Jackson but my favourites are Taylor Swift, Little Mix, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.”

Phoebe Jones, 8
Phoebe Jones, 8

Phoebe, whose favourite singer is Taylor Swift, has attended the Pauline Quirke Academy in Cheltenham for several years and principal Sue Day praised her young protege.

She said: “Between the judges, crew and the audience there were around 200 people in the room.

“Phoebe is only eight so this was a massive ask for her to walk out on an unknown stage and do her thing live.

“She has complete confidence in what she’s doing and that sense of belief in the character she’s playing, which is unusual for a child of that age.”

Lydia took her to the Pauline Quirke Academy after Phoebe’s ballet teacher said she was a natural performer and should go to drama classes.

Phoebe, attends The Kings School in Gloucester and would love to be a film star when she grows up.


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