AA Skincare launches plant-inspired shower & bath gel range



Following the success of its plant-inspired shampoo range, natural skincare and beauty brand, AA Skincare, has launched a range of five, plant-inspired shower and bath gels. Featuring holistic, Ayurvedic* herb powders to boost skin health, this new range of nourishing gels will naturally cleanse and protect all skin types.

Joining the AA Skincare Essentials aromatherapy range of beauty and skincare products, the new shower and bath gels combine essential oils and natural extracts with healing herb powders, such as rejuvenating Brahmi to help cleanse and hydrate skin, vitamin C rich Alma to promote skin health and Tulsi which works to calm skin and stimulate blood flow. The range is free from parabens and artificial fragrances and packaging is fully recyclable. RRP is just £5.95 for 250ml. To find out more or order visit: www.aaskincare.co.uk or tel 0117 9087770.

Naturally effective and nutrient-rich the five, new shower and bath gels can be massaged in to damp skin in the shower or bath or added to running water to create a bath foam. Choose from: Cedarwood & Peppermint Shower & Bath Gel; Rosemary, Burdock & Sage Shower & Bath Gel; Amla & Clary Sage Shower & Bath Gel; Peony, Bay & Brahmi Shower & Bath Gel; Ylang Ylang, Argan & Rosemary Shower & Bath Gel.

Comments Woody Evans, Director at AA Skincare, “Our new, dual purpose range is perfect for shower or bath and contains Ayurveda herb powders – time-tested, holistic ingredients that have played a part in healthy skin in India for more than 5,000 years – gently cleansing, nourishing and moisturising skin.”

The AA Skincare brand was created by Amphora Aromatics – one of the UK’s largest suppliers of pure essential oils and aromatherapy products. Details on the new shower and bath gel range below:
Rosemary, Sage & Burdock Shower & Bath Gel – a nourishing, antioxidant rich body wash and bath foam with natural extracts. Rosemary and Sage essential oils work with calcium-rich Burdock to gently cleanse and nourish skin, giving it an antioxidant boost. Basil oil helps stimulate circulation and Rose Geranium helps protect skin.

Amla & Clary Sage Shower & Bath Gel– a balancing and moisturising body wash and bath foam, with vitamin C rich Amla (Indian Gooseberry) to help promote skin health. Clary Sage and Alma combine with balancing Lemon to cleanse and refresh skin. Grapeseed oil works to lock in moisture.

Peony, Bay & Brahmi Shower & Bath Gel – a hydrating body wash and bath foam, featuring Peony extract, a soothing antioxidant rich astringent. Peony works with antioxidant and vitamin-rich Brahmi and Bay to cleanse and hydrate skin. Holy Basil (Tulsi) helps calm skin and stimulates blood flow.

*Ayurvedic medicine — also known as Ayurveda — is one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems, developed thousands of years ago in India. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

Ylang Ylang, Argan & Rosemary Shower & Bath Gel – a nutrient-rich body wash and bath foam featuring soothing and balancing Ylang Ylang. Antioxidant rich Argan and Rosemary essential oils work with natural cleanser, Moroccan Clay, to help keep skin soft and smooth.

Cedarwood & Peppermint Deep Shower & Bath Gel – invigorating, naturally antimicrobial body wash and bath foam. Cedarwood Atlas oil works with Peppermint oil to purify and reduce skin irritation. Murumuru Seed Butter and Brazil Nut oil help condition and protect skin.


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