A sculptor who created a beach hut out of driftwood scattered along the North Norfolk beaches after the 2013 storms has put it on the market for £32,000


A sculptor who built a quirky beach hut entirely from driftwood has put his creation on the market for – £32,000.

Pete Talbot with the driftwood hut (SWNS)
Pete Talbot with the driftwood hut (SWNS)

Pete Talbot, 57, constructed the hut called ‘Cliffhanger’ from pieces of broken beach huts battered by the tidal surge which hit the North Norfolk coast in December 2013.

He spent six months putting it together for neighbour Karen Scott, 49, to give her somewhere to store her unwanted items from her house.

A month-and-a-half of the construction time was spent collecting more than five tonnes of wood from the coast.

The hut being built (SWNS)
The hut being built (SWNS)

The hut, which is sitting between Pete and Karen’s homes in Overstrand, Norfolk, is now up for sale for £32,000.

Father-of-three Pete said: “I have really enjoyed creating it and building a part of history. I see selling it as a continuation of its journey.

“Every part of the beach hut has its own story, it carries a lot of people’s memories.

“The inspiration for the design came from all the beach huts in the storms being crushed.

“I’ve kept all the piece of wood as I have found them because I think that adds to the design.

“I found a lot of broken material and as I built it, it sort of developed into the design of a beach hut being squashed.”

Mother-of-one Karen said: “I always used to dump stuff outside my house that I didn’t want and one day Pete said he was going to build me somewhere I could put it all.

“Then the storms happened and Pete came up with the idea.

The driftwood hut (SWNS)
The driftwood hut (SWNS)

“He used the debris from all the beach huts that were destroyed and it just looks amazing.

“He’s the type of person that always wants to move forward and he decided he wanted to start on another project so we decided to sell it.

“It’s a lovely space, it’s actually a lot bigger than it looks you can fit quite a bit of stuff in there and it’s really multi-use it can pretty much be used for anything.”

The hut has been built on wooden wheels so it is easily transportable.

It has angular sides and internal walls which are fully insulated and can also be connected to an electricity supply.
The unique building made the top ten shortlist for Shed of the Year.

It is on the market with estate agent Harrisons.

The Cliffhanger is open between Thursdays and Sundays from 9.30am-10pm.


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