A pair of glass partition sliding doors in a dore bronze metal frame structure with two end panels transparent ice sculpture titanium plated decorative glass the doors etched with an ornate, the glass is decorated in an neoclassical designs with gold leaf 10mm thick panels overall 3600mm x 2420mm This real life Aladdin’s cave is up for auction – the entire £50 million contents of a Saudi prince’s mega mansion which will sell for just a fraction of the price. See SWNS story SWMANSION; The lavish £300 million property was decked out by world renowned interior design company Alberto Pinto during an epic two-and-a-half year refurb in the 90s. But now the mystery owner – thought to be a rich Saudi royal – wants the place gutted and done again so is selling every single item in a huge auction. None of the 1,250 pieces have a reserve, meaning everything from £70,000 Merino chandeliers to £300,000 gold plated Jade-encrusted bath taps could go for a fiver.

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