A New Player on the European Professional Packaging Market: Logistic Packaging


LOGISTICThe European professional packaging and logistics market has now added a new dynamic player, with a distinct business mission: to be close to its customers in the most direct and meaningful way. Logistic Packaging, a company founded in Romania by two enthusiastic professionals with a solid background in dealing with complex packaging and logistic solutions, had started its expansion all over Europe.

Their business values: the commitment to high quality, deep understanding of the customers’ problem and provision of efficient and professional packaging solutions, will now be put to the test both in second-tier EU markets, such as Hungary, Serbia and the Czech Republic and in matured markets such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom or Sweden.

Trendsetters and Problem Solvers
The general manager of Logistic Packaging, Mr. Sorin Mitrea, defined the core values of the company in a recent interview as: “…maximizing the potential for innovation which creates an impact on the supply chains and flows. […] Packaging companies must help their clients reduce their logistic costs.”

Logistic Packaging promotes a corporate culture of ongoing assistance of its clients during and after the implementation of each project and defines itself as a trendsetter – early adopters and promoters of the latest technologies and innovations which, in turn, help clients from all industries run more productive, cost effective and environmentally friendly logistic and chain supply operations.

Mr. Mitrea himself is a firm believer in concepts such as lean manufacturing and just in time, which represent the foundation of the way Logistic Packaging is operated and offers professional consultancy to its clients.

The European Expansion – An Ongoing Goal
Expanding the company to Europe has been one of the key goals for Logistic Packaging since its incorporation. The first step in this direction was the revamping of their website,www.logisticpackaging.com, which is now available in 10 European languages and creating a partnership program with local distributors.

The company offers training, professional marketing materials, know-how and specialized assistance to all of its partners and has created a strategic network of central warehouses in key points all over Europe. Thus, Logistic Packaging is taking a step closer to its end clients and offers the assurance of specialized assistance with any logistic and packaging problem, no matter how complex, through its official representatives.


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