A Greener Lifestyle Can Save You Money



There are few misconceptions about living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, making us believe it’s inconvenient, expensive and tough. However, the fact of the matter is that going green isn’t as much of a chore as people believe and can be adhered to. Plus, by giving the planet a rest from civilisation, you’re offered the bonus of saving money.

Sure, a lot of the economic counterparts such as hybrid cars and organic foods cost more money, but in the long run, they can offer savings like no other. Soon enough you’ll realize that being eco-friendly will make you economically sound too, as your lessened carbon footprint means you’re not only friendlier to the environment but also to your bank statement.

Source Local Produce

If you take the time to read the labels on the food you’re purchasing, you’ll soon notice a lot of it is probably coming from overseas. Food being globally shipped worldwide means transporting it via boat or plane means it is causing unnecessary miles that contribute to carbon emissions. Therefore, purchasing local produce means you reduce transport emissions, making the planet healthier.

Additionally, 83% of carbon emissions within the food system results from food production alone. This is because farmers are using artificial means of generating food to ensure it can be sold when the crop is usually out of season. By eating food that is both in season and local, you can be more certain that production and transport emissions are capped. Plus, seasonal food is far tastier.

Invest in Your Car

When living in a remote village, carpooling isn’t always efficient and giving up your car is impossible. Public transport is sometimes unreliable, and therefore your car is your only saviour and is irreplaceable. Companies such as Phantom Tuning offer remapping in Kent, allowing a greener and more economical approach to your vehicle; meaning you can care about the planet and continue saving the world, without feeling guilty of driving to and from work almost every day. This is also a wise investment for someone who may not be able to afford a hybrid.

Also, by removing the junk from your trunk, your lighter car may use less fuel and save more money. Therefore, remove the unnecessary, but maybe keep the spare tire.


Switch to a Kindle

Bookworms will cringe and possibly cry at the thought of trading in their novels and using an electronic counterpart instead. However, e-books are a lot cheaper and reduce the number of trees being cut down. Alternatively, if you cannot fathom using a Kindle or equivalent, opt for second-hand books or invest in a library card.

Unplug and Switch Off

Sometimes being eco-friendly is as simple as turning off the taps or unused lights, and making sure appliances are unplugged when not in use. A lot of appliances (named vampire appliances) use electricity even when switched off. A few examples of the worst culprits are DVD players and computers. Therefore, pulling the plug on these monsters could save you a fair few pounds on your next electricity bill.


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